Grants Made

How we make a Difference

The Charity uses its funds to make Grants to help our patients, staff and hospital visitors. The Friends have always provided traditional patient orientated items such as Children’s Toys, emergency patient packs and the annual Christmas present.

We provide many items of medical and re-habilitation equipment. Each request is carefully scrutinized and must be justified by the bidding Department or Ward.

We make major  donations to support hospital appeals such as:

2018 – Interventional Radiology Machine  – (£384,168)

2013 – CT Scanner  – (£800,000)


We make many grants including the provision of gym and rehabilitation equipment at Meadowfield, an ultrasound training aid for A&E, examination couches in Outpatients, cardio ODM systems and digital reminiscence therapy packages.

An ultrasound training model recently purchased for A and E.

Wondering about making a bid?

Do you work in one of the Wards or Departments in Worthing Hospitals?

If the NHS is not able to meet your request then the Friends may be able to assist. But there is a strict process.

Your first move is to make contact with the Friends Trustee who is responsible for your ward or department and discuss your requirement. If appropriate the Trustee will help you through the process.

Not sure who your sponsoring Trustee is? Contact the Secretary, email:

So a big thank you to all of you who have raised funds and made donations to allow us to help your local hospitals.

Some examples of how we have made a difference are shown below.

Every £1 helps so if you can, please donate to this local charity.


35 auto brake porter chairs were supplied in 2020 to aid our porters and patients at a cost of £23,016.

Gym Equipment

New outdoor gym equipment was installed at Meadowfield Hospital at Swandean and cost £10,021.

Support Machine

This support machine is a Lucas chest compressor provided in 2020 to the A7E/Cardiac teams at a cost of £9,288

Digital Reminiscence therapy packages

10 digital reminiscence therapy packages were supplied to the Dementia team in 2018 at a cost of £48,712.

Please Get Involved – we would love your support