Getting Involved

Ways in which you can help.


Enrol as a Member

Become a Sponsor

Offer to help by raising money


(We are looking for new volunteers to operate the trolley service around the Wards)

Our Members

Friends (or members) play a key role in strengthening the charity’s links with the wider community and demonstrating the strength of support and value which local people place in Worthing Hospital. Friends also help us fulfill our responsibility to act as a method of communication between the local community and their local hospital.

Membership of The Friends of Worthing Hospitals costs as little as £5 (minimum) per year. To apply to become a Friend please use our membership leaflet (pdf).

You will be encouraged to make suggestions and help the Trustees in promoting and developing the charity.  You will also be able to attend our Annual General Meeting, normally held in June every year.


We are a Registered Charity (208291)

Our Sponsors

Marks and Spencer, WorthingThe Marks & Spencer store in Worthing are supporting THe Friends of Worthing Hospitals this year, with collection tins in the store.

The much loved retailer has been supporting local communities throughout its 130 year history. As David Sieff, a member of the M&S founding family, said: “healthy high streets need healthy backstreets”.We would like to thank Marks & Spencer for their continuing support. To find out more about their policy on supporting charities like us, go to their website here

Our Helpers or Volunteers

Helpers and Volunteers are a key component in the work The Friends  undertake at Worthing Hospital. COVID and related restrictions had restricted our use of volunteers, but in a new partnership with the hospital we have jointly recruited 2 new volunteers to restart our  ward trolley service on a Tuesday. We now wish to expand the trolley service which is well received by patients and staff. But we need you – the willing volunteer.

If you want to become a Friends Volunteer then contact a member of our friendly staff in the Cafe or contact us at: 

You can still help by Raising Money through sponsored activities and promoting the charity. It help us to make a difference and make YOUR hospital special.


Please Get Involved – we would love your support